Our Mission

CWS Ingredients’ mission is to best contribute to overall global food structuring in bringing healthy, nutritional, and responsible products to the table. In the process, our goal is to partner with customers and suppliers for an enjoyable experience.

Now in its 3rd generation, CWS’s foundation is time-tested and built on over 100 years in the food industry, specifically supply-chain food ingredients and recipe formulation. We offer full-service as well as specific tailored solutions including sales conversion, order processing, customer care, logistics, and collections.

In more recent years, we have expanded our services to include consulting and marketing as we continue to build off of our exceptional history. We have positioned our clients for success with our expansive knowledge, exposure via our database and connections, data analytics, and insight into food ingredients. We strive to provide our clients with economies of scale, from our diverse supply portfolio, to our industry knowledge, to our CRM capabilities.


From turn of the 20th century sugar (beet harvesting) to edible oil processing (soy, cottonseed, coconut), to the first flavor enhancers, proteins, and Fair Trade; the Dawsons have been attentive contributors to the great evolutions in food ingredient structuring moving into the 21st Century.

Today, Jeff Dawson, Sr., continues to use his decades of experience to best position clients in meeting needs, exceeding expectations, and anticipate ever-changing demands and challenges. Developing an ingredient portfolio that spans the globe, we are primed for recipe formulation with our ingredients passing through the hands of culinary chefs, product developers, and procurement alike. 

Moving into the future, CWS is strong and well positioned as the third generation pushes forward with renewed expertise and commitment. It’s a pledge to all of our friends and food ingredient family; past, present, and future.

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